The importance of proper ventilation

Everyone likes the idea of “smart house”. But you must understand that even incredibly premises do not start with an oven or a refrigerator, but with the quality of the incoming air. You – this is what you breathe.
You must keep in mind that quality ventilation equipment is worth considering even on the premises design stage. Ventilation – is the circulation of air. In the process of circulation of used air is forced out of the room supply air. As a result, you get a normal temperature, humidity and air purity.
Every hour it is necessary about 30 cubic meters of fresh air for one person’s normal life. If the ventilation in the premise functioning poorly, automatically there is increasing of the concentration of carbon dioxide and other harmful substances. This factor may lead to drowsiness, headache and decreased efficiency.
It is a mistake to assume that the air in a house or apartment is clean priori. Inside, any premises there is a lot polluting its sources: household appliances, furniture, synthetic of tissue and carpeting, or any building materials that release formaldehyde.
As practice shows, a simple airing of premises did not provide a solution to foregoing problems, as it is:
a) an inefficient – because outside air is always clean;
b) an irrational – opening window you loose an expensive heat;
c) an uncomfortable – with the oxygen can penetrate a street noise to the premises.
Ventilation components developed by ERI Corporation is a guarantee of reliable quality and durability, and most importantly – fresh clean air and your health.