Pledge of health and longevity – clean air!

Modern people spends most of their time at home, in the office, with a computer, that is – in confined spaces. Immunity is left, and people become vulnerable to natural changes, virus diseases, often manifested allergy, insomnia, weakening health.
The reason for all of the above is bad air: humid, muggy, stale. So how do you regain health and to ensure a healthy life? The correct answer is – clean and fresh air!
Modern ventilation equipment and ventilation components, which are the most important parts of the ventilation system. Thanks to ERI Corporation there is an ability to achieve complete air purification in premises from the exhaust air, which is very harmful, replacing it with fresh and dust-free. Air can be both cooled and heated, thus suitable for any time of the year, setting and controlling the optimum temperature.
Plate, aluminum, air-to-air heat exchangers, recuperators, and other ventilation components developed by ERI Corporation, contribute to the support of quality of air and its temperature.
Our huge experience let us to contribute providing clean air and many premises throughout Europe and beyond. Our ventilation equipment supply fresh air a lot of people every minute. You can read more about our products:
• Aluminium Counter-flow Plate Heat Exchanger
• Aluminium Counter-flow Kombi Heat Exchanger
• Counter-flow Hydro Heat Exchanger
• Aluminium Crossflow Plate Heat Exchanger
• Rotary Heat Exchanger
• Accuair Enthalpy System
• Ball Siphon
• Mk Siphon