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ERI Corporation S.R.L - The evolution of performance

  • Die ERI Corporation ist seit vielen Jahren einer der Hauptlieferanten von Energierückgewinnungssystemen.

  • In diesen Jahren haben wir alle unsere Investitionen in die Forschung und die Entwicklung neuer Technolgien gelegt, die eine tiefgreifende Auswirkung auf die Qualität unseres Lebens heute haben.

  • Schlüsselworte im Geschäftsbereich der ERI Corporation sind: Innovation, Fortschritt und tägliche Veränderungen.

  • Unsere Hauptstärke liegt in der Professionalität des Personals.

  • Wir sind ein Team von hochqualifizierten Fachkräften, die sich um Kundenbedürfnisse kümmern.

Ventilation system

ERI Corporation S.R.L - An energy recovery ventilation system equipment and heat exchanger manufacture

  • Currently, ERI Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of modern heat-exchange equipment for air conditioning and ventilation systems that appropriate to international criteria of quality products.

  • Heat exchangers are designed for air heating and cooling in the heating, ventilation and conditioning. The heat exchanger characterized by rigid structure of sections, dense frame and air distribution duct.

  • Supplying air is heated in the cold season and cooled during the warm period to the desired temperature. This creates comfortable conditions in the premises.

  • Recuperative or regenerative ventilation system ensure the return of a significant amount of air heating.

By mutual orientation of air to airflow, heat exchangers are distinguished:

  • Counterflow heat exchanger (supply and exhaust air move in opposite directions);

  • Crossflow heat exchanger (supply air moves perpendicular to the exhaust).


In air ventilation systems such recuperators run in reverse direction, cooling the warm supply air by heating the waste in the warm season. Rotary heat exchangers are placed in special housing rotors, which are composed of a common axis fixed to the thin plates. Placed close to each one, they form narrow channels which allow the passage of air in an axial direction. The rotor turns continuously so that the individual plates are alternately in the flow of fresh air, in the exhaust airflow, and due to the high thermal conductivity material, periodically heating and cooling, heat transfers from warm to colder air.


Our steady evolution has transformed us into a player in the domestic ventilation world. On this path we have permanently transformed: new products, technologies, approaches, ways to organize ourselves and a deeper integration with our customers.


Equipment developed by ERI Corporation S.r.L allows up to 93% of the heat in the exhaust air to be transferred to the ingoing air, without any smells or humidity being exchanged.


Only one thing has always remained unchanged: it’s an aim for the high quality of heat exchangers and other productions that we produce and services, serving the producers of air-conditioning units and controlled accommodation ventilation.

Heat exchanger calculator

Designed ERI Corporation S.r.L specialists realized programs that allow heat exchangers’ calculations to pertain optimal to one’s individual requirements. ERI Corporation’s computer software calculations are characterized by high accuracy and reliability. After the calculation our manager provides you the heat exchanger price.

Product safety

ERI Corporation S.r.l. is committed to providing support and customer care to help our customers safely handle and use our products and enable them to fulfill their legal obligations. Please direct your general enquiries via the links on this page. We look forward to assisting you.

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Safety and health policy statement

Publish date: April 26, 2017

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Environmental policy statement

Publish date: July 11, 2017


Research and development

  • Every year we invest into research and development, most of which will be providing environmental improvements.

  • As a modern company in energy saving technology, innovation has always been at the heart of success – from the introduction of Antibacterial treatment to the latest-generation of the Adiabatic cooling station. Naturally, relying heavily on innovation to further improve component’s environmental performance.

  • As part of this effort, a new approach has been adopted by staff designers, who are developing products and technologies that take into account the entire lifecycle of a component – from design all the way through to recycling and re-using.

  • The company also applies the same spirit to its manufacturing locations. By focusing on eco-efficient facilities and leaner processes.



ERI Corporation S.r.L. target is focused in making its products easily available through a highly efficient global sales and distribution function. Our products are sold and delivered through a finely-woven distribution network. By using a combination of central and local warehouses, we provide an excellent coverage for each of our markets. This means that our entire product programme can be delivered to almost anywhere the customer wishes.
We ship more than 98% of deliveries on time and work with a number of professional logistics service providers to efficiently deliver ERI Corporation S.r.L. products to customers.

  • To deliver products of the right quality and to deliver products to the right place and time with agreed logistics services.

  • We know how important reliable supply is to our customers; we are committed to operational excellence and consistently provide our customers with a high level of service.

  • Whether we deliver one parcel, one pallet or a truck full of goods, everything is carried out with the same meticulous attention to quality and service.

  • We offer a wide range of delivery services, each of them tailored to suit customer needs and situations.

  • We focus on collaboration and cost-effective logistics services to the benefit of both our company and our customers.


Philosophy and principle aspects of our company policy

We strive to be an industry leader and a responsible steward of resources – both human and natural. These values guide to actions, reflect a culture and drive our performance.

  • To consolidate and develop company’s position at international level in the market for static heat exchangers, rotary heat exchangers, adopting a business model focused exclusively on our core business.

  • To consolidate and develop our company’s position on an international level in the market for static heat exchangers, rotary heat exchangers, adopting a business model focused exclusively on our core business.

  • To constantly pursue research, innovation and quality, to anticipate market change and to be a partner to clients, jointly developing solutions to increase equipment effectiveness and to create an image based on the most advanced marketing techniques.

  • To contribute to creating an international culture that seeks to safeguard product quality and to meet the daily challenges, to the benefit of consumers and manufacturers alike.

  • To develop a policy of accountability towards stakeholders (investors, clients, employees, suppliers, local communities) and the environment, by taking action based on the following values:



Clarity, completeness and accuracy of information, of the business activities performed and in interpersonal relations.



Training and development of employees with a strategy of continuous improvement.


Protection and welfare of the environment

Health and safety in the workplace, of wares and of the impact on communities close to production sites.


Recognition and reward of results

Full sharing of objectives and objective assessment criteria to encourage and reward all human resources.

  • ERI Corporation S.r.L. values partnerships as an important way to improve outreach and extend the impact of our joint initiatives. We partner with like-minded organizations at the global, regional and national level – from other international development organizations, to national entities, private sector innovators and local universities.

  • ERI Corporation S.r.l makes a choice of partners because of the desire to scale up, replicate reached successes and learn from each other. Of course, collaborations take many forms. They include working with local capacity builders, with knowledge partners in other countries and regions.

  • ERI Corporation S.r.L has established several global partnerships that pool expertise, relations and resources for improved quality and greater outreach. We have several distributors and agents in different countries.

Please contact us at info@ericorporation.com in order to be redirect to your nearest distributor or agent.


Customer loyalty provided by ERI Corporation

  • We believe that the loyalty provided by us has built ERI Corporation S.R.L into one of the fastest growing players today.

  • We are proud that the lion’s share of our customers have stayed with us for so many years and have chosen us as their exclusive supplier. In fact, more than 70% of our revenue comes from customers we have served since we were first established.

  • ERI Corporation is a company which implements each project with sincerity and dedication. For us success is not measured by the size of the orders we receive, but by how well our service and quality meet customer expectation. As always, we place a high value on fairness and view it as a crucial element to developing long-lasting business partnerships.

Quality policy

Quality policy: trust, reliability, comfort

  • All delivered products must be appreciated by our customers as equally quality goods in the markets we serve. We provide our products on time, at the appointed place, at the agreed amount and according to specification.

  • We advise clients on the proper use and limitations of plant exchangers, siphons, solar accumulator tanks and other equipment we designed. Products shouldn't cause harm or threaten the user during a particular purpose under any circumstances. Any defects or deficiencies in exchangers, siphons, tanks we produce must be eliminated as quickly as possible to minimize inconvenience to our clients. New equipment should not be sent to the buyer until the sale is confirmed. Release for the sale includes the verification performance with these requirements.

  • New equipment should be based on the needs and expectations of the market and clients, as well as relevant legal and regulatory requirements, including the directive.

  • We will work with suppliers to ensure consistent delivery and continuous improvement of quality levels. The foundation for the production should be based on the methods and processes, which tend to have no defects on deliveries to customers.

  • All processes, from order to delivery of goods and receipt of payment from the customer, clearly defined.

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